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Just got an email – no morning class this week at Uni, and our afternoon tutor is off being a Polling Officer so no class there. I feel I should be cheering but instead (I guess this proves I’m finally an adult) I’m thoroughly disappointed. I’m still going into town to do some work with hopefully a few other keen students in my group, but really I’m a bit pissed off. We’ve had sparse actual tuition in this Interactive module so far, with lots of ‘have a chat amongst yourselves’ type classes – however I’m well aware that this sort of new medium has got sparse material to work from, but it’s still frustrating. Apparently our work in the class is of a higher standard than the previous lot but that’s scant comfort – TEACHHH MEEEEEE (it’s that damn ‘good pupil’ syndrome again).

Still haven’t got our marks back from the short script module either. We submitted our premise and outline in the middle of March, and our completed script (from that premise/outline) is due in 2 weeks but we haven’t had our mark or feedback back. What if my premise was entire crappola? I’d like to have known that before I wrote up and workshopped my script. I couldn’t get a tutorial in the first available round so I’ve had to wait until a week before our final submission. I don’t want to be babysat through this course but I am on it because I believe I have things to learn – is it worth it? Time will tell.

Apparently I (and every other student on the course) has a ‘Personal Development Tutor’, and has had this since the course began 7 months ago. First thing I heard about it was a couple classes ago, but I think perhaps a meeting is required for the beginning of my 2nd year just to get some things sorted out.


One thought on “give good learning

  1. I am so glad I read your blog last night – I hadn’t checked uni email and had no idea that the class was going to be cancelled!!I know what you mean. I feel quite happy with the subject area of this course but don’t personally think that I’ve learned much from it, and if I didn’t know much about gaming I would be completely lost – not just mildly misplaced, as I am now.Can’t believe you guys haven’t had feedback yet! We only got ours last week and thought that was far too late on!


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