I Know What You Want

Today I am mostly working on my 10 minute short script ‘What You Want’ – actually it might end up being called ‘I Know What You Want’ but that reminds me a bit too much of that whole ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ franchise so for now, it’s shortened. We were told last week at Uni that we’ve not only to hand in the script for this module but also an 1000 word critique of how our script has changed since it’s inception at the start of the module – nice of them to let us know this just 3 weeks before the hand-in!!

In addition to this, I’m developing my final computer game proposal for submission at the same time, along with a presentation (this, I am happy to admit, I am dreading as I’m not a natural public speaker however I will do it – I won’t be one of the crappers taking the day off to avoid it!). The game is called ‘defixio’ and has a female protagonist. I was happy with my initial proposal but now I have to take it forward, and that’s proving more difficult than I thought. Still, there are apparently plentiful jobs in the interactive world so it’s a worthwhile assignment. My 3-year old niece loved the idea when I did a run-through practice, even though she was also watching Peppa the Pig at the same time and asking why it didn’t have snails in it – and I’ve yet to come up with a good argument as to why it doesn’t have snails in it. Maybe that could be it’s USP (unique selling point) – IT HAS SNAILS! Maybe not. If I struggle for words at the presentation I will show snail slides.

Currently also trying to fit in time to properly watch Pan’s Labyrinth which by all accounts is a pretty amazing film.

Does it have snails?


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