Zombie Death Drive and other things

A posting on Miss Read’s board just reminded me of a conference on Gothic Science Fiction that’s happening next week so I had a closer look at the plan for the day. There’s some fascinating sounding speakers with topics including :

• Paul Foster (University of Chester)   ‘“Monsters Manufactured”:  Monsters in H G Wells’s The Island of Dr Moreau’;

• Emily Alder (Napier University).  ‘Gateways of Monsters: science-fiction encounters the Gothic in supernatural fiction by Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and William Hope Hodgson.’;

• Dr Nickianne Moody (Liverpool John Moores University): : “The Gothic-Punk Milieu:  Fictional Worlds and Audiences.”;

• Christopher A. Auld (University of Manchester ).   ‘Quatermass and the canon: a critical re-appraisal of the 1950s Hammer Quatermass films.’;

• Professor Fred Botting (Director of Institute for Cultural Research):  ‘Zombie Death Drive: Between Gothic and Science Fiction?’

Considering my assignment for a recent module was ‘Small Screen Gothic’ it sounds like my kind of thing, and what’s even better is that students can apply for free!


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