Life is stranger than a Benny Hill sketch

…sometimes anyway, yesterday I finally got my eyes tested. Been meaning to get round to it for ages and now Uni is off for a few weeks, got an appointment. I daren’t think how long it’s been since my last test but it seemed a lot more complicated than I remember, but all vaguely enjoyable in a ‘how many dots can you see’ kind of way. It helped that my optician looked like the current Doctor Who (Pic from

Half-way through the test I had to wear some weird specs with removable lenses to test each eye. Doctor Who slotted various lenses in and out whilst I shouted things like ‘blurry’, or ‘better’. Unfortunately when he made a grab for a new lens, it caught another one in the box, flipped it into the air and slithered straight down the front of my top – ta da! I laughed like a drain and fished it out, but considering Doctor Who had spent the appointment asking politely when he had to ‘touch my upper eyelid’ he was about as embarrassed as a very embarrassed optician can get. I couldn’t continue with the tests for a few minutes because I was crying with laughter – poor man.

I think he was relieved I didn’t need glasses – god knows where they’d have ended up.


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