Gratuitous Who

Continuing the Doctor Who theme, its great to see the series back on BBC1. I couldn’t imagine another assistant after Rose, but Martha Jones looks like she’s going to fit right in. Maybe it was just me but I definitely detected a bit of chemistry between her and the Doctor, and that always bodes well for some sparks to fly. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Which leads me to RIP Life on Mars. I’m writing this before the final episode, so to make myself look really stupid here’s my guess for how it ends : Sam is deep in a coma in the contemporary world and has a tv which is playing a 70s cop drama in his hospital room. In his dream state, he is back in the 70s trying to work through ‘cases’ which symbolise the injuries he has to recover from, representing his return to consciousness. When he’s worked his way through all his mind’s obstacles, he’ll be back among the living.. or not…. hmmm ashes to ashes, dust to dust…… I have a feeling I’m wayyyyyyyyyyy off base but who cares, it’s been great to see a tv drama that’s inspired so much discussion among viewers – it’s the mystical cop equivalent of ‘who killed JR’.


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