Radio Play’sThe Thing

I spent the weekend finishing off my application for Channel 4’s ‘Radio Play’s TheThing’ which is looking for 15 minute Radio Plays to workshop. I love radio drama and thought this would be a good place to get me started. Unfortunately and rather disappointingly, since yesterday no-one can actually send in their applications as the Channel 4 mailbox seems to be full. I’ve tried a few times, and have heard from others who also have the same problem.

Maybe this wouldn’t be quite so annoying if it was the sort of competition where all we had to do was answer a question, but no, this one requires real time and effort. If we’ve all gone to the trouble of putting an application together before the deadline (today at noon) then we should by rights be able to put that application in as per the Terms and Conditions of the competition.

Come on Channel 4, sort it out!

On a side-note – your enquiries number hasn’t been much help either, or particularly reassuring.


One thought on “Radio Play’sThe Thing

  1. Well done on doing this – did you manage to get it handed in?I loved this programme last year, would be great to see you on it! I can point at the TV and say “I know her!”


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