it’s the socks or me

The other assignment finished and submitted was a premise and outline for our Short Script Workshop. Our tutor is really making us work – great to finally be getting down to our own scripts and ideas. Last week we had a useful workshop where we were only allowed to make negative comments about each other’s work but we had to offer constructive criticism to advise how problems could be solved. This was a bit butt-clenching initially, but got easier as we got into it, and I found it very useful. It threw up certain things that I had been worrying about – and when at least 3 people [picked up on some of them (of their own accord) it proved I was right to be worrying. Sometimes you get so tied up in a story that you forget the obvious. My protagonist lost her way but after redirecting her, I think she’s safely back on track.

The final submission has changed enormously from my first idea and premise, and its all the more satisfying for having done so. When I have a (hopefully) good idea, I have a slight tendency to overwork things – it’s a habit I’m trying to break, but I think it stems from worrying that I’ll have no more ideas (I know its nuts). This class has shown me that you’re basically never stuck for ideas – even if its just flicking through a newspaper or an old notebook. I’ve tested the theory, and so far its worked – so my fear of writers block seems to be subsiding a little. I’ve even started keeping an ‘ideas book’ which I’d have probably considered a bit naff a couple years ago, but now, nah it’s already helped me out of one sticky situation. It’s like having back-up, and back-up is gooooood.

On a completely random note – I’ve finally started my Physiotherapy course to help with my damaged shoulder (in a nutshell : large sheet of MDF, dropped it, broke my big toe in 2 places and damaged some complicated things in my shoulder). It’s already proving helpful and I’m hopeful that with a few wrenching sessions, all will be on the mend. Talking of ‘ideas’ though – my physiotherapist was telling me that in his experience so far (he’s english), scottish people seem to have a ‘thing’ about exposing their feet. Even the ones that have to strip down to their essentials, always leave their socks on… it’s intriguing if a little disturbing – what are they trying to hide…..


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