how not to knit a hit

Currently having one of those weeks where you get 1 thing finished and there are still 3 others jostling to get dealt with next. I’m just having a temporary breather after submitting 2 assignments for the MA course. First was a proposal for an interactive game in our ‘Writing for Interactive Entertainment’ module. I’ve gone for an action/adventure game which has turned out as a sort of weird futuristic amalgam of Lara Croft/Myst/Halo and Final Fantasy. I’ve never written for the gaming world before so it has been interesting to say the least – i have a feeling that I’ve spent too long going into the story world rather than concentrating on the mechanics, but I guess my mark and feedback will tell me that in good enough time. I’d love to see a pitch or proposal for a new game just to see how the professionals do it, as I have no idea if their format has any similarities to traditional drama pitching.

The one thing that did seem very odd whilst putting together the proposal, was the lack of a definite character image – if I had the skills, I think I’d have physically drawn or designed my character first as it would have helped flesh out the idea. I think the stumbling block has been that she’s not ‘real’, and no matter how realistic she may be depicted in-game, she’s still not ‘real’ – there’s just no getting away from it. I tell you one thing though, she sure as hell won’t be fannying around her world in a bikini or skimpy shorts.

I did a bit of research last night into games that have been banned or never made it through, and geeeeez there were some that frankly scared me half to death (and that’s just looking at some of the screenshots) and also an inordinate amount containing strippers, scantily-clad college girls, and naked female wrestling – I kid you not! You also have to wonder at a game that gives extra points for kicking a prostitute character to death…. yeah yeah I know it’s JUST A GAME, but there’s a line… it’s getting a little hazy but there is definitely a line. Maybe I need to be designing games that involve knitting – I doubt they’d sell but least I’d be sure no-one was going to run amok stabbing people with knitting needles.. hey there’s an idea.. white van man I’m coming for you!


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