enraged from Edinburgh

Open note to white van/lorry man :

1) Start driving AT LEAST 2 feet from the back of my car or I will be forced to drive at 12 mph for the rest of the journey as long as I can get away with it.

2) Stop cutting into the perfectly calculated driving space that is between me and the car in front or .. well just BECAUSE.

3) Stop parking up across the wee drive at the front of my house for your lunch/coffee/oggle at The Sun so I can’t get my car out. Next time you do it I will call Crimestoppers and suggest you might be building a nuclear bomb in the back.

4) Stop trying to force your way on to a motorway from a slip road without giving way to the traffic (ie – ME). If I can’t move across to let you out then I CANT MOVE ACROSS TO LET YOU OUT – keeping coming until you’re 1 inch from scraping my car will not encourage me to change my view.



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