thinking outside the box

Been working hard this week so haven’t had much chance to blog. First off I’ve been researching and photographing vintage clothing for my day job, whilst also earning a buck doing some online things.

Secondly, and not least, I’ve had stuff to do for Uni including an idea for the ‘Writing for Interactive Entertainment’ module and then work for the ‘Short Script’ module. The Interactive module is quite exciting for me because I’m into it, but I have too many ideas buzzing about for my project – I’ve already outlined a childrens game, an adult game channeling some Twin Peaks-type vibes, and a fantasy type adventure quest game for all… hmmm… I need to choose something specific TODAY argh.

For the Short Script module we’re working on shortening and updating our premises, which has been more difficult than I thought – we’re down to 40 words this week which has been interesting. So far mine is :

*Chair of Structures and Fire
Bored in a suffocating marriage, a fantasising housewife seeks solace in a one-off affair. She’s unaware her current lover wants forever though, until one fateful hothouse day when she’s presented with a dead husband as an unexpected special surprise.*

We also randomly swapped newspaper and magazine articles last week and have to come up with a 500 word outline for a film based on the 2 articles we ended up with. I ended up with a magazine photo of a soppy looking woman in a cafe, and an article about the increased gang wars and bloodshed in Tokyo – whereas I have knowledge of (occasionally) being a soppy looking woman in a cafe, I have nil knowledge of Japanese gangsters – however it has been both frustrating and also rather enjoyable, as we’re being forced to think outside our own ‘boxes’. I’ve written a piece called ‘Good For Nothing’ about a woman who wants to be a showgirl, but spends her time cleaning a brothel until her Japanese step-brother goes missing and she’s forced to travel to Japan to unravel the mystery amidst Japanese Yakuza (gangster) culture. I’m under no illusion that its any good but it was sort of fun.


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