Hello I’m MJ and I’m an occasional whiner

How pathetic was my last post!!?!?

I’m ashamed of it now, but am going to choose not to edit it out of existence as I think that might be even MORE pathetic of me. On reflection, I was having a bit of a rotten writing day when I wrote it, but pffft today I am shiny and positive and PFFTTTTT I will re-edit the novel over the next few months then choose some agents and send out a few sample chapters and/or synopsis to see if anyone is interested (thanks to optimistic_reader for her advice). Anyway, the novel was a sort of by-product of my screenwriting so it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

Went back to Uni yesterday – oh so nice to be back after all the holidays we’ve been given. Hell, who ever heard of a student complaining about having holidays, but as part-timers we all cling on to our weekly one-day as a sort of writerly beacon every 7 days. It’s SO nice to have moved on to our 2nd trimester leaving the Business stuff behind somewhat (yes I did learn a few valuable things which will no doubt hold me in good stead but my god, some of it was LOOOOOOOONG and seemed awfully Producer-orientated). This Trimester sees us looking at ‘writing for interactive entertainment’ and also a Script workshop, and both look like they’re going to be much more enjoyable and useful.

The interactive module is appealing to me as I’m a bit of a computer geek on the side – I taught myself to code on a ZX Spectrum (and from the class I discovered so did Miss Read – geeks rule!), and now do a bit of mucking about with Dreamworks and Flash on my Mac when I have a spare min. I’ve started sketching out a concept for a game and look forward to the rest of this module.

In the afternoon we’re having script workshops. We’ve also been cropped down to a tiny class of about 14 or so, and it feels exciting to be moving forward with our own creative works.


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