Now what….

Here’s a question….. I’ve finally finished the novel I’ve written – it’s adult fiction – but now what? It felt sort of satisfying to finish it and then I started getting an odd sinking feeling in my stomach as I realised that writing and finishing it wasn’t enough – I want people to read it – so now what? Do I start sending out chapters to agents in the hope that they’ll like it? I should say that I’ve read loads of advice, books, websites, etc about this whole thing but hmmmm it seems sort of distant now. Some of them say ‘yes send it out everywhere’, whilst others say ‘you don’t need an agent’, and yet more say ‘pick one agent and let them have it for 6 months before sending to another one’. Anyway I’ve written a book – its got a proper beginning, middle and end – I’ve done what all the advice says, ie – stop bitching and promising and wondering and just WRITE IT. So I have.. now what?


One thought on “Now what….

  1. Have a look at agencies listed in The Writer’s Handbook – this will give you the submissions policy and some of the agency’s high profile clients so you can match up your novel to the sort of thing they usuall represent. Maybe draw up a list of agencies you want to approach, then contact them in their preferred mannner. Often they’ll want a synopsis in the first instance rather than sample chapters. Good luck!


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