Shoes for all

I’m in a trivia frame of mind rather than a writing one today. As some of you know, I wear a vintage clothing hat sometimes when I’m trying to make a living, and today I got a catalogue for an upcoming auction of the MOST fabulous shoes (I know, a million cliches spring to mind about women.. shoes… shoes.. credit cards…shopping bags hidden underneath the stairs… etc) but these aren’t just shoes no, they are ART. And in fact as if to PROVE my ‘shoes are not just for Christmas but are art too’ point, some of the lots by the designer Jan Jansen are available as a single shoe – a single ‘here is a beautiful shoe and you must put me in a perspex box and admire me as art and not think about cramming your size 6’s into me and sullying me’ object d’art. You can view somre more crazy 60s and 70s shoes here.

I’m not buying any no, no way but I will dream about the green ones forever.


2 thoughts on “Shoes for all

  1. ooh I’ve seen those – they’re lovely! Very ‘minimalist’ sculpture’ too. One day when I have lots of extra cash I will buy a pair of Blahniks and put them on a shelf to be admired.


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