It’s a quiet news day but…

It is indeed a slow news day BUT I have 2 things to report – I now have a fringe and more importantly I have a new mug (as you can see) which replaces the sadly deceased ‘pink poodle wearing sunglasses’ one.

On an even less interesting note, I have the cold BLAH. I feel the need for chocolate shortbread.

As you were.


3 thoughts on “It’s a quiet news day but…

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Two of the best things in the world are tea/coffee and cake. Whilst I should probably pretend that I got it in an exclusive boutique for a squillion pounds, in the spirit of writerly sisterhood – you too can have a glorious cake mug for less than 2 quid from Tescos AND you can get it in pink or blue. Maybe it’ll be like that Christmas rush when Delia mentioned cranberries…


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