then two come along at once…

Some of you may recall me moaning a few months ago about missing a Richard Jobson talk because of my sudden and unexpected lack of interview for an MA assignment that was due in about Screen Project Development. Another interview was found at short notice and after 2 days smacking it into shape, it eventually got me through with a better mark than I expected.

Recently I’ve been struggling with the next project in that module, a Market Analysis and have had to just accept that this one wouldn’t include an interview (I wasn’t going to be caught out like last time!). I’m not entirely thrilled with the result of the project but it was submitted in time and now I just hope to pass. ANYWAY…. I’m enjoying my first few days without stress as all MA projects are in, car has been taxed, I’ve submitted my tax return, done the hospital run with an elderly relative, and have started my new part-time research job….. so what d’you think plopped into my email this morning? The Q&A interview that I initiated back in October/November for that first Case Study project – typical!

I hope there might be a project I can use it in, but I don’t hold out much hope as its rather narrowly focussed. However, all credit is due to the interviewee for still returning it 3 months late – it’s restored a little bit of my faith.

Just watched ‘The Hours’ and I really enjoyed it. Lets face it, all the central performances are great but there were 2 real standouts for me – Ed Harris (brilliant as always) and Julianne Moore. I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of them give a duff performance – suggestions on a postcard if you can think of anything.


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