IT bites

Seems like I am IT. The challenge from Miss Read is to “Grab the book nearest you. Turn to page 123. Go down to the fifth line. Type out the next three sentences.”

I was hoping I’d have some weighty tome that would sound impressive, but of course not, the book closest to hand is ‘Record Collector, Rare Record Price Guide’ because I was looking up a mad 50s Calypso LP (what are the kids calling those these days, other than ‘old’?) which goes as follows :

“56 Decca F 10706 No, Not Much/You Can’t Keep Running £6 (see also Roland Shaw)

64 Decca F 12024 Poor Bachelor Boy/Fool, Fool, Fool £5″

Pity it wasn’t a bit further down the page as there is Tony Bennett’s discography!


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