we have the technology

This is my first post on broadband! About time I know, and it did take an expensive call to my isp to get it finally working, but its already MUCH faster than dial-up. People have been freaking me out with tales of hackers though so to indulge my paranoia I’m going to unplug the modem tonight… they can’t get me then can they! I’m sure I’ll be blase about it in a week, but even now while I’m downloading system updates, its making a massive difference time-wise.

The homework is done – Script Report and Market Analysis (just as well as deadline is tomorrow). I doubt more time would’ve improved them as I’ve done what I can – that goes especially for the Market Analysis. Looking forward to the next module where we get to do some writing.. hope I can remember how to…. something about a pen.. some paper.. I don’t know.. sounds …. old-fashioned….. does it need a modem?


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