Assignments oh yes

Why is January such a month from HELL? I’ve got tax returns to do as I’m self-employed, I’m doing some work as an online researcher so have to set-up that over the next few days, I’ve finally got broadband (hurrah!) so have to sort that before the research job kicks in, I’ve got a car to get serviced in Edinburgh, and re-tax (though apparently you can do it online now – will wonders never cease) and finally I’ve got 2 assigments due in for Uni – a Market Analysis, and a Script Report.

For the Market Analysis I’ve settled on Gothic drama on the small screen – its been hard work. I’ve been enjoying writing about the subject, but I find all the statistics and percentages and so on reallllllllllllly hard-going. The Script Report has been on one of the two full-length feature scripts that we’ve been given. Neither was particularly to my liking but I’ve gone for the lesser of two evils, and though 3000-4000 words sounds no small amount, once you get going its not really that tough to fill. The Script Report was by far the more enjoyable assignment but since I completely mis-guessed my marks from the last two projects, I’ll reserve judgement.

We returned to Uni last Thursday, but then bizarrely we were told that we’ve got another 3 weeks off due to the vagaries of the exam systems – strangely perhaps most of us students weren’t thrilled. Most of us had turned up after the festive holidays all excited at getting our teeth once again into the course, but alas our hopes were dashed. Seems a bit strange when we had 3 weeks holiday over Christmas, back for one week and then off for another 3! Still, it’ll save me money from the evil but convenient Starbucks.


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