‘no Manny.. use TWO HANDS’

Forgive me – I’ve been slack SO slack – its been 6 weeks since I posted! So a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who actually reads my drivel – I hope you have a warm, happy and fun 2007.

Christmas was pretty fantastic this year – relaxed and tons of laughs with family and in particular my brother’s two kids and their many presents and imaginary games. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to ‘play shop’ although I kept getting told off for handling the goods wrongly ‘no Manny.. use TWO HANDS’ . My family has had a tough few years while my lovely dad struggled and sadly lost his battle with cancer and this was the first one in a while where everyone felt like relaxing and looking forward to new things. So much food was eaten, drink consumed, stories told, and hopes and fears discussed. I’ve decided not to invent a whole host of unattainable resolutions so I’ve gone for practical ones – for what its worth, here they are :

* to watch more films (got a gift voucher for lovefilm so woohoo this one is likely to be fulfilled!);

* to be more proactive about my writing work and strive for at least one project to begin a development/prod. journey in 2007;

* to continue my MA ScreenW. course and practically apply what I learn to my own work rather than get mired in theory;

* to continue developing my business – I use Ebay too but the vintage clothing website is my baby and needs work;

* to plan a roadtrip (last one was Edinburgh to Brighton in a Fiat where I met Ali Smith – RIP little gold Fiat);

* to be happy, healthy and (cliche I know but doesn’t harm to say it loud) to remember there’s always someone worse off than you.

Oh yes and :

* TO POST MORE OFTEN AS I AM TOO OLD TO BE A SLACKER (even though I am a student again but that is no excuse especially as I started this blog to primarily keep a diary of my course).

I’m going to go a little bit Zen now so here’s my thought for the day : ‘the mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced’ (coincidentally 12000 other people across the world will also be having this exact same thought today, and not because I am very clever and have special powers… no, it is because it is on my Zen calendar).


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