nice fangs, shame about the content

BTW – wasn’t that BBC version of Dracula pretty disappointing – I was SO looking forward to it but it just seemed awfully lacking substance, and had one of the worst wigs I’ve ever seen on poor Marc Warren. It didn’t reek much of gothic otherworldness either (which is sort of necessary for a true Dracula in my opinion). Nice fangs, shame about the content.

On a positive viewing note, ‘Ruby in the Smoke’ was great – owed a LOT to a couple of the Sherlock Holmes tales, and especially the Jeremy Brett version (his series was also shown over the holidays and it still ranks as one of my favourites – great job in the ‘look’ and production of this too – especially all the mad imagery and trippy bits).

I hear ‘Robin Hood’ is returning (boo) but this time with a Friar Tuck (hurrah!) so maybe it will get better?

I also hear that ‘Merlin’ is on its way to the screen – I just hope it satisfies – I’m picky about my favourite childhood stories. Wonder who’ll play Merlin? He better be magnificent and brooding, and not some neddy lad in a fancy cape flouncing about the undergrowth with the Merry Men – don’t disappoint me now!


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