some like it hot

Just been watching ‘Some Like It Hot’ again for a presentation I’m giving at Uni next week, and it has yet to get boring. I must have watched that film more than 20 times over the years and its STILL in my top 10 of all time. I read an interesting quote from Roger Ebert about Marilyn Monroes performance as Sugar in the film, he said that “it is an act of the will to watch anyone else while she is on the screen”, and I couldn’t put it better myself. She is funny and sexy but above all she is luminescent, and you can’t take your eyes off her. Mind you, the film doesn’t owe its success to her, it is Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis that give it ‘guts’ and sheer wittiness – but she undeniably lights it up when she’s on screen.

My favourite film of Monroes is ‘Niagara’ where she at last had a decent role to get her teeth into, but ‘Some Like it Hot’ runs a close second for its sheer fun and beautifully pitched script.


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