Sixty (six) six

Its been a bit of a tough week so far. I was looking forward to going to a talk at Napier by Director Richard Jobson on Monday past but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as I was let down by the company I’m using for my case study homework in Screen Project Development. Blahhh, they suggested I email in questions but there was still no reply after close to a fortnight (I’m used to talking to people either face-to-face or on the phone when interviewing but I did as requested), and when I did get in touch, they told me they hadn’t even looked at the questions and wouldnt’ be able to in the short term!

Anyway since the deadline is tomorrow, the 16th and I’d already done all the research – the piece was pretty much written, I was just looking for a couple points to be cleared up and some relevant quotes – I was disappointed but figured I’d have to submit it as was without primary research…. BUT…… I must have been due some karma, because earlier today I had a bit of unexpected luck. A friend of a friend had suggested I email a writer friend of theirs in the hope that they might give me some industry perspective and voila, an email popped into my inbox this morning. Decision time – do I put in the work already completed even though it lacks a primary interview, or do I junk that for now and go with the new material. Actually once I’d read the email, it wasn’t a difficult decision as the material was great and from a current film, Sixty-Six. Its been hard work with such a tight deadline, but the interview was too good not to use so I’ve gone with my instinct, written a new piece and submitted it.

In retrospect I’m happy with the decision, as the previous material can be used as a basis for another project.

Luck is a funny thing but after all the delays and messing about, I feel lucky today.


One thought on “Sixty (six) six

  1. Sounds like you got a good result. Worse come to worst, you could have asked for an extension by citing the way you’d been let down – similar things happened to several people last year and the tutors were very understanding.


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