dead male pheasant (think tarantino)

I’m currently writing up an idea I had that relates to how people can interpret ‘signs’ differently (spiritual as opposed to the film of the same name) – anyway I was on the receiving end of what some people might consider a ‘sign’ earlier today. I was just on the way back from the kitchen when I heard a bang – thought it was someone at the door but noone was there. Went outside to check and there on the ground in front of the house was a dead male pheasant. Now I live on a relatively busy street and on really sunny days I’ve had tiny birds like blue-tits occasionally stun themselves on the window (I’m assuming they see a reflection of a tree or something) but what the hell a full-grown colourful male pheasant was doing careering around my front garden and then smacking into the window.. who knows. The window survived intact, and although I will admit to a fleeting thought of ‘hmmm pheasant for tea?’, in the end I delivered it to the bin. Beautiful bird though – hope its not got little baby pheasants at home.

What’s next….. an eagle trying to get down my chimney?


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