set the fire to the third bar (no not an electric fire)

It’s amazing (and a bit like early Star Trek) because some other life forms have made contact so I’ve added my first links to fellow bloggers! Both are students also on the Napier Screenwriting course and both are worth a read : Vicious Imagery who is currently in his 2nd year of the part-time MA, and has through his blog been giving me some useful heads-up on what to expect in the course. The other is Miss Read who started the course same time as me but is Full-time – it’ll be interesting to see how our course schedules progress and differ as part and full-timers.

On another note – just watched a Jonathan Ross episode that I taped from the other night. Taped mainly because the rather lovely (and of course very talented) Zach Braff was on it, but also because Snow Patrol were doing their new song with the mad-as-a-brush-but-fabulous Martha Wainwright ‘Set The Fire To The Third Bar’ which I LOVE (best song on the new cd). Anyway – great performances alround and quite timely as I’m currently working on a subject for a Story Report for Napier and since music usually inspires me, I thought about picking a song that I have’t seen a video for. Have a few ideas for this one already – but am also working on a song from a friend of mine… hmmmm I think maybe some tea will help me decide.


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