Dr Who 1 – Robin Hood 0

I’m a student again! How weird and yet sort of thrilling. I started my Screenwriting MA last week and thankfully everyone seems to be friendly and enthusiastic. Interesting to hear all the different backgrounds that people on the course have, and it was also gratifying to see that I wasn’t the only one feeling slightly nervous at entering student-hood again. The workload looks to be manageable (SO glad to be on the part-time course), the facilities great, and the planned modules useful and interesting (time will tell on that one).

Only one thing that worries me and that is always a bugbear in town – PARKING! It already takes more than a few circles to find somewhere that my teeny car can squeeze into, but apparently the council have decided in their wisdom to make the area a ‘controlled parking zone’ which I’m assuming means in a nutshell ‘less or no parking’. Not a great idea around a University campus unless they’re going to provide a spanking new carpark (and thats likely isnt it……). I spent 10 years commuting on public transport, and I’m not doing it again if I can avoid it – (in the main) expensive, dirty, unreliable and frankly a little scary with more than the odd dubious passenger. I wish it was better – make life a lot easier! It doesn’t help that I apparently have a face that says to anyone dubious/drunk/abusive/offensive, ‘come sit by me and we can be friends, yes, I REALLY want to hear about your nasty little operation/girlfriend/std/life’. blahhhhh.

Anyway rant over, back to brighter things – the new series of Robin Hood!! Well I really hoped it would be a great remake but umm it wasn’t. Sorry and all, but the dialogue seemed weak, the atmosphere was nil, the styling/costumes were unconvincing, and the majority of the cast looked like they’d been picked up from a pub and then plonked down in a wood somewhere and told to run around being rural. I really hoped it would follow in the fab Doctor Who footsteps and be a shining ressurrection but alas not so far, Dr Who 1 – Robin Hood 0 (though I will give it another episode just to be sure as that’s only fair but I have that sinking feeling already….).

Talking of Dr Who – Torchwood looks good too – just saw the trailer – can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Dr Who 1 – Robin Hood 0

  1. Ahh, you must have that kind of face that has the words NUTTERS! COME OVER HERE AND TALK TO ME! written in invisible ink all over it, that kind of ink only nutters can see. Me, I’ve got PSYCHO KILLER – BEWARE! as my invisible tattoo. Handy in certain places but occasionally off-putting for other people in other places. Hey-ho.Since you’re first-year part-time and I’m second-year part-time, it’s doubtful we’ll meet – but welcome to the course, anyways.


  2. Hello there!I too have just started the Screenwriting MA – although I am full time.The blog is a good idea – I’ve had mine a few months now and really hope I can keep it up whilst at University. It’s fairly theraputic and a good way to log progress (I hope).Anyway, see you in class, I’m sure!


  3. Hello David and Laura!wonder if we’ll all still be blogging at the end….t’would be nice if Napier thought about getting both last years and this years students together so we can compare notes – especially as before last year the Screen Academy didn’t even exist. Maybe they think the 2nd years might puncture our shiny enthusiasm with reality… its too early for that surely!


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