starfish-shaped thermometer

I’ve spent so long browsing other peoples blogs on here that I thought it was about time I took the plunge. Feels vaguely like eating clams for the first time – you think you like it, you’re pretty sure you’ll do it again but you’re going to wait a little while until you tell the world.

Hmmm now I have blank page anxiety – not that uncommon really as I am a writer (that feels weird saying it out loud as I am still making the majority of my income from other means). However, since I’m about to start a Screenwriting course at Napier, I shall be confident and put it out there ‘I AM A WRITER’. Yikes.

I can’t honestly say I was that confident about getting on to the course first time, but figured I’d at least get some feedback if my application was rejected so I could work on it for next year. But then I got in ACK, and then I really wanted to do the course so had to find funding ACK, and then I got funding through the Career Development Loan Scheme and now I actually have to go ACK (but a small hurrah also as I’m thrilled but a little nervous). I’m Part-time so that takes off a little pressure ACK ACK ACK. Enough of that, its making me gag as I find myself saying it out loud just to hear the sound – bit like a cat coughing up a hairball. I hope its at least a little fun and not too ‘arty’ though since I did my degree at Art College I guess it can’t be THAT arty which is actually something of a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time there in the main and met some great people but I also found the pretentiousness quota a little too high at times. Roll on Napier ACK (damnit).

The title of my blog if you don’t already know is the title of an Alfred Hitchcock book. I have a lot of everchanging favourite films but at the moment its Black Narcissus (last week it was Bladerunner) – fact : if I am ever having brain-freeze I ALWAYS say ‘Bladerunner’. I’m currently earning my main crust by working as a vintage clothing dealer, and I also freelance as a journalist and designer whilst writing and writing and writing.

PS – the title post refers to a starfish-shaped thermometer that I recently found at a boot fair. It is cast cream and clear plastic set with chunks of irridescent shell and glitter…. it may be bad for you but sometimes (like eclairs), kitsch is goooooooood.


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