The Last Guest

The Last Guest (2020)

Writer: Mandy Lee

Cast: Nick Moran (Harry Potter, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Katie Goldfinch (Endeavour)

Short film and theatre play

In the early morning hours following a wild house party and night out on the town, Keeley and Jacobs relationship comes to a heated end. Keeley’s choice of words in those final moments define her story, as she encounters the Last Guest.

  • Devised as a theatre concept, in a hot-house collaboration with composer for Noisy Words development scheme. Performed at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.
  • Theatre play- Performed script-in-hand at the Village Pub Theatre, Edinburgh.
  • Self-adapted into a short film. Shot in London, during Covid.

Director: Paul Pattison
Producer: Paul Pattison

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