24hrs SHOWstudio YSL


24hrs SHOWstudio YSL (2007)

Act IV, Scene III: A White Lie for SHOWstudio, part of Edition 24, an experimental, collaborative series of films for a range by fashion icon Yves St. Laurent. Film sequence, and featured in ltd print edition.

Writer: Mandy Lee

Directed by Nick Knight.

Voiced by Dan Stevens.

Act IV Scene III – Jessica Miller stars as the Yves Saint Laurent Woman in Nick Knight and Stefano Pilati’s 24 part fashion film.

From SHOWstudio, “In 2007 SHOWstudio viewers had the chance to collaborate on a project for Yves Saint Laurent with Stefano Pilati and Nick Knight. In celebration of the launch of Yves Saint Laurent’s new Edition24 capsule collection… screenwriters around the world were invited to submit scripts for a 24 hr live performance piece charting one day of the Yves Saint Laurent Woman’s life.

Featuring the glorious Jessica Miller in the lead role, and sets by revered Production Designer Gideon Ponte, the 24 performance pieces were each made into a series of fashion films and a catalogue of stills. Scene readings by Actor Dan Stevens reveals the direction and motivations behind each story. As a nod to the politically-motivated environment of early sixties Paris at Saint Laurent’s emergence, the public also submitted Godardian one-line manifestos to weave into the story. Read these and all the treatments submitted by writers around the world”.

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