Slugworth – 26 Twits – Roald Dahl

Great to see my Slugworth poem for released in time for the great centenary celebration of Roald Dahl’s birth! It’s part of the Latest in 


Written by Mandy Lee, illustrated by Oscar Mackenzie

Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Slugworth by Oscar-2

Oh, why aren’t I famed for my fabulous sweets,

like Wonka is known for his outlandish treats?
I know there’s a market for mud-covered chews,
or sour, hairy lollipops handmade from gnu.
And don’t forget green, skunky, trout-flavoured creams, 

with snot-covered gum that, when bit, squirts a stream!

They’re brilliant, inventive and tasty, I swear,
but nobody listens while Wonka is there.
So I’m giving up sweets, going all fancy-pants,
to make Slugworth’s Fun Biscuits from roadkill and ants! 

These brand new concoctions of protein-rich bugs,
will show them I’m not just some slurraping slug!

I worked with Aberlady Primary School classes P4 and P5 to illustrate it, and the fantastic drawing above is by Oscar Mackenzie. More on how the project came together here: . There are further 26 Twits pieces to be released until the 13th September.



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