Noisy Words @ Traverse Theatre

In the last few weeks, I also had the joy and frankly, nervous exhaustion (in a good way) as 1 of the 5 writers involved in the experimental and rather wondrous Noisy Words at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. A collaborative event with writers, actors, musicians from the Red Note Ensemble and composers all working together to create works for the stage. Each of the writers was randomly matched with a composer, and the game was ON. In a relatively short but intense space of time, we experimented, edited, rehearsed, and eventually came up with 5 short plays (1 for each ‘couple’) complete with specially composed music. Then rather too quickly (eek), we were all in our seats in the Traverse watching the paying audience file in. I silently cheered after we had 3 audience members in the door, but by the time the show began, we were near to a full house (isn’t it great to see that people still want to see experimental new writing!).

It was fantastic to see all the plays performed. I’d started writing about a mischief-maker, but in the end my idea expanded into an experimental piece about the Devil turning up in a suburban house, with the narrative ‘driven’ by a beautiful and rather haunting piece of music, my composer partner Dan came up with. It seemed to go down well, and the lady next to me (who I didn’t know) prodded me in the arm afterwards and said it was her favourite – I don’t care if she was lying. One of the really fantastic things about the event was the inevitability of it. Many things film-wise or art-wise can bring with them a raft of disappointments – you have to get used to working on things that never get made or get made and not edited, or get made and edited and not released. With Noisy Words, we were all aware that whatever we produced, it was going to be performed in front of a paying audience. I loved the experience – especially the chance to play around with language, and work live with a composer, musicians, director, dramaturg and actors. If Noisy Words comes up again, I can thoroughly recommend it. Thanks to the Traverse and particularly Jennifer Williams for the opportunity,

Merry Christmas blog-readers. I wish you tinsel and inspiration.


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