Scarlet Terror

Got my Red Planet entry in by the skin of my teeth before Saturday midnight. Their website suggested they’d accept until Sunday but I didn’t want to chance it so drank too much caffeine-laden Pepsi and jittered my entry in.

I think it’s a good concept with legs for a series, interesting characters, but I’m pretty certain the synopsis will let it down – I just had a blank when I was summing up the idea (even though I know it inside out – I know the focus, the arcs and pay-offs), but had to cut my losses before I chewed it over so much it resembled something stringy. Hopefully they’ll go on to read the script as that works better.

Of course it’s all hypothetical, maybe my concept of ‘good’ is rubbish, and conversely, maybe my concept of ‘bad’ is in fact incredibly skewed. Who knows. Still! Good to have been hassled into getting something together that I’ve been mulling over for a couple months. It may also prove the basis for the next module on the MA when we draft a half hour script which I’ve been hoping will turn into the pilot for a TV series.

Things to do :

Sort out notes from the EIFF;

Email a Producer I met at said EIFF – nothing ventured, nothing gained;

Watch ‘Tribe’ that I’ve been religiously taping, and am dying to see (hope it doesn’t disappoint as the last series was so absorbing);

Work on my feature thriller ‘Finding Dead People’ which needs a savage redraft and edit. There’s enough going for it to spend the time, and a couple of the characters inspired my Red Planet entry so it feels timely (note to self – start CLEARLY NUMBERING DRAFTS, as I have a few different versions floating about and will have to judiciously work through them all to find the most recent as I DIDN’T NUMBER THEM the first time round – arse);

Sort out all the other day-to-day crap that has fallen by the wayside whilst I was whooping it up film festival stylee last month – the least of which is a leaking gutter. Rubber gloves where art thou?


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