Arse about face

There turned out to be loads of bloggers who got through to the first round of the Kaos BSSC (more at Lucy’s blog) so many pats on the back are due – too many to list individually, unless I was a sadist (or is that masochist?), and even then I’d probably miss someone, who probably wouldn’t even know because they don’t read my blog, but I’d feel guilty and then….

Anyway, well done to everyone who got through, and actually well done to everyone who got off their backsides and entered. Sometimes I think that the hardest thing (once you’ve got yourself a draft that you’re happy with) is to actually enter these competitions, or do a pitching session, or attend a networking event, rather than just saying you’re going to.

Regardless of the results, the fact that you’ve bothered your arse, makes you one step ahead of those that just keep blathering about it whilst doing nothing.


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