Scripts are at various stages; some in development, but not fully produced. Please get in touch through Contact if you’d like to discuss an option or would like further info.



Broken-hearted George Herriot has one last chance to save the ailing traditional family bakery, by developing a new line of rather shocking X-rated cakes. But can he find the passion and support to rise to the occasion?

(Mentored on a Playwrights Studio Scotland residency by Marten Rabarts, supported by Binger FilmLab and Creative Scotland; with a rehearsed reading performed at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 as part of the ‘Nine’;

A rehearsed reading as part of the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum in 2011;

Part of the EIFF Talent Lab 2013).


Jam Jar

A film that looks at obsession, addiction, seduction, and the complicated relationship we have with desire, from the female perspective of superior slacker Harriet. It’s about things that drive us, those we’re most scared of. About wanting something but not yet knowing what that is. Plunging in, then finding it, in the place you least want to look.

(Part of the EIFF Talent Lab 2013)


How To Kill A Mermaid

Anthony loves Meredith, the part-time mermaid at Sea Whirl, but Meredith doesn’t love him back, and she knows an embarrassing secret that could ruin his life. So Anthony might just have to kill her. But exactly how do you kill a mermaid and get away with it?

(Developed through mentoring of a black comedy horror feature on the EIFF Network 2012; mentoring by Mia Bays and Kate Leyes)


Iron Maidens (working title; co-writing with Lucy Kaya)

A group of Indian “women” form an unlikely and unexpected rebellion against the mores of their parents’ generation, and find the strength and inspiration to change their lives through their unlikely shared passion for the band, Iron Maiden. It’s a story about a new culture breaking through old bindings; about loneliness, repression and the will to be liberated in a traditional society caught between two worlds; an Indian road movie that’s a little bit Thelma & Louise.


Fat Chance

A comedy set in the 1940s when a shipment of mysterious and desirable lard washes up on a small island. Based on a true happening in Scotland.


The Utter Despoilment of Cecilia Adams

A tale of medieval revenge set in a modern High School.


Finding Dead People

A contemporary thriller feature set in Scotland.


Dirty Thirty

An irreverent adult feature comedy.


Those Connected By Blood

Rooted in rural Scotland and inspired by a real-life incident, Those Connected By Blood is a dark, contemporary story with a supernatural edge about love, magic and the circle of things. It features a contemporary, teenage female protagonist and a thriller element that draws on international myth and legend.

(First round finalist in the London Screenwriters Festival & Wellcome Trust ‘Inspired By Science’ competition)



Salma’s Walkabout (co-written with Deva Palmier): about destiny, urbanity, and family. (Shortlisted for Underwire/Euroscript Competition 2013)

Trevor: A black comedy horror about a butcher who really wants to paint his wife’s toenails Crimson Comet red.

Smile: An urban short about a surprising relationship between young and old.

Something Blue (co-written with Ronnie Mackintosh): A comedy about big day jitters. And revenge.

Bunny Girl : a rabbit fanatic finds a new & unexpected way to cope with life. (Shortlisted in ‘The List’ Shorts competition 2009).

I Wish You Were Dead :  looks at the claustrophobia of the familiar, and what could happen if on the spur of the moment, you wished for something, and rather unexpectedly, someone made that wish come true.

Mr Coffea 1983 : comedy about a cat, a teaspoon & a man who drinks too much coffee.

Stick: A love story reaching across two different ages plays out in the rhubarb sheds of England as a disillusioned metalworker toils over a love-token.

Smudge: Shy Dick and Jane pluck up courage to swap love-notes. But a smudge leads to an unexpected outcome.



Tantalus: A full-length, three-hander set in Scotland in 1953 at the end of sweet rationing. As sugar (and temptation) fills the air, a catalyst arrives in a marriage that time and equality has forgotten. (Developed on the Avalon Mentorship)

Snap: Kerry Colefax returns home after breaking up with her boyfriend to find a man in her living room who promises everything she ever wanted. And I mean everything… (Developed on Noisy Words at the Traverse Theatre)

Sick: full-length play about sick building syndrome and how the perception and history of a building influences the conscious & subconscious minds of a team of office workers. (Developed on Creative Scotland & Creative Futures talent development programme, “Digital Storytelling… for a Change”)

Woman With Bowed Head (short): A disconnected dialogue between 2 women of different times collide in a gallery as they communicate their experience of loss.

I Hate Surprises (short): comedy about unexpected love, Tom Jones and corn plasters.



Permanent (series):  a dark television drama in returning series format. Initially a 6-part series of 60 min episodes with potential for further series. Dentist Owen Grafton is forced to start life anew in the a strange, quirky small town in rural Scotland. We follow Owen on the eve of a blue moon, as he moves on from his unlucky recent past, into the surreal present of Permanent, home to amongst others, an unlikely drugs baron, a voluptuous baker who likes to dress up as Doris Day, a mysterious tattooed man, and a middle-aged landlady who knows how to decapitate a stag.

Scrubbers (series early stage): urban drama following a group of contract cleaners.



Defixio (early stage): A multi-platform, multi-media action adventure aimed at the mainstream 15+ pc and console market, set in the near future when a land is split into 2 increasingly incompatible factions – the Northlands and the City.